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Hey team,

What have you been worried about lately? What’s been taking up more of your brainspace than it deserves?

You know the worries I’m referring to – the ones that don’t seem to serve a purpose when you worry about them. The ones that detract from your quality of life and deplete your energy when you think about them, the ones that never seem to have any resolve and yet you can’t seem to stop worrying about them regardless?

To clarify, I am NOT talking about the things of life that really should/need to be faced. I’m talking about the tiny, nagging, irrelevant worries that don’t really matter and, in the grand scheme of things, are relatively small potatoes.

Great. Now that we’re all in agreeance on the kind of worrying I’m talking about, on with my point…

I think worrying is a habit. I really do. There are a few things at any given period of my life that I seem to consistently worry about, and then at the next period where a new wave of random worries takes over, I’ll look back at the past batch of worries with perspective, embarrassment, and usually some humor.

So if any given batch of small-potatoes worries can be swept up by a new wave of worries, why even have them in the first place? Why not just expedite the process and cut out the middle-man, skip the worries altogether and have a happier, fuller, richer life?

Oh, is this where I’m supposed to have the answer? I was asking rhetorically…

Seriously! Lately, I’ve been trying to worry less by noticing when I worry, what I frequently worry about, and how quickly my worries can get out-of-hand. I’m trying to manage my worries with a bit of a sense of humor and a bit of compassion, depending on the situation and the type of worry.

How are you with your worries? What do you worry about most? Do you feel separated from your worries or do you feel enveloped by them? Do you have any ideas for how you can separate yourself from them more?

I care about this issue a lot and am looking forward to thoughts from you guys. I think we all deserve lives with a few less worries.

Thanks for reading!

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