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Hey team,

If there’s one thing in life that I believe most likely leads to happiness, it’s creativity. Without creativity, what are we even? Just a bunch of humans bobbing around doing exactly as instructed? PASS.

With creativity, our individuality shines through and we feel all the good things – hope, joy, love, etc.

The bummer is that sometimes creativity can be challenging to access. For me at least, I can get stuck in my analytical, left-brained mindset, assessing and rationalizing everything around me… which is great, when it serves me. But when my creative mind is begging to come out and my logical mind is insisting on having control, my left-brain goes from being useful and reliable to causing me stress and actually being counter-productive.

It’s like my left brain doesn’t trust that my right brain will spend its time usefully. My left brain goes into panic doer mode while my creative mind cries in a corner begging if they can have a turn. Dramatic, sure, but hopefully you get the point…

Recently, I’ve been trying to actively make an effort to serve my creative mind. For me, this looks like setting aside un-scheduled time every day to just let my mind wander and do whatever it wants to. It’s shocking to me how much a half-hour walk with no agenda can work wonders for the creative side of me. I feel fresher and energized afterward and usually a lot less hard on myself.

Since I’m still in the experimental stage of finding what environment/time of day/circumstances best serve my creativity, I’m curious to hear what works for you guys. When do you feel most creative? What does creativity feel like for you? What areas of life are you most creative in?

Looking forward to your thoughts,



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