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Who Inspires You Project Rules & Guidelines


Description and Guidelines:

Who Inspires You Project is an on-going challenge for the month of July and August. Think of people around you. Who inspires you? Send a picture (or video) of that person to Jennette McCurdy accompanied with a typed text explaining why that person inspires you. This person must be someone you know personally and not just be a public figure or fictional characters. It has to be someone you interact with regularly such as friends, family, or co-worker. Either tweet the text and media to Jennette at @jennettemccurdy or leave comment on her Facebook page at Full details on other methods of entering is below.

Include in the full text:
– The person’s name
– Link to the full text to why they inspire you. Be specific.
Feel free to use free services like Twitlonger to tweet more than 140 characters.
DO NOT INCLUDE identifiable info such as your location or your email.

About the Picture/Video:
– If using picture, it must be greater resolution than 640×480. Higher the better.
– If using video, it must be 480p or higher. Feel free to use Youtube or other online video service.
– A picture or video of the person, should best represent them. While you don’t have to get creative, it is encouraged.

Eligibility & Release:

Anyone around the world over the age of 12 can submit their text and media but all submitters under the age of 18 must have parental/guardian consent as well as the inspiring person’s consent. Because your account username and the person’s picture/video might be chosen to be highlighted, re-uploaded, or recompiled in an edit of a different video on the internet, you are only to submit if you are (1) age appropriate or have parental consent, (2) have permission from necessary people involved in the post and (3) all people involved consent to use of their name, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with this project. By participating you are releasing all party involved in this project against any and all claims which you have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast, or exhibition of the project.


This is a fun project and a challenge. Not a contest. Though some submissions will be picked for highlights or compilation, there is no physical prize or guarantee. There is no promise or claim on how much/many content(s) will be chosen or what the criteria is for picking the content(s).

How to Enter

Four (4) platforms to enter from. You may use just one or all four. Be sure to include the hashtag #JennetteMcCurdyWhoInspiresYouChallenge.
Twitter: Tweet the link to the media and full text to @jennettemccurdy.
Facebook: Comment the link to media and full text to Jennette’s Facebook page
YouTube: Comment the link to media and full text below the Who Inspires You Challenge video.
Going Mental: Comment the link to media and full text below the post.


The text and media should not include any identifiable information. No more than name, age, and explanations. Location should not be more detailed than your State. Both the highlights and the video(s) Jennette compiles will be made public online.