setting systems

Hey team, Last year, I read a book called The 5 Choices, The Path to Extraordinary Productivity. Despite the fact that while I was reading the book I worried it was detracting from my productivity, my productivity in the year since reading it has clearly increased and I’m excited to share with you the section… Read more »

serving your creativity

Hey team, If there’s one thing in life that I believe most likely leads to happiness, it’s creativity. Without creativity, what are we even? Just a bunch of humans bobbing around doing exactly as instructed? PASS. With creativity, our individuality shines through and we feel all the good things – hope, joy, love, etc. The… Read more »

Pay Attention

Hey team, I can be such a scatterbrain. My mind will wander, my thoughts will race, I’ll forget where I set my keys when they’re right in my hand. I have these and also every single other classic example of a short attention span, including the fact that I have gotten distracted 47 times already… Read more »

serotonin post update vlog


serotonin and how it helps you feel happier

Hey team, I’ve been interested in the hormones/neurotransmitters responsible for happiness for quite some time. Whether I’ve been interested in them because I’m a completely miserable person and want to be happy OR because I’m a completely happy person and want to know why is a question that I will leave up for debate. 😉… Read more »