my favorite part of the brain: prefrontal cortex pt. 2 – simple ways to strengthen it

Welcome to part 2 of the prefrontal cortex GM series of posts! Last week in part 1, I went over what the executive functions are specifically (decision-making, focus skills, “big thinking” abilities, planning, and emotional management – to name a few). This week, I’ve looked into some basic tips on how to strengthen your prefrontal… Read more »

my favorite part of the brain – prefrontal cortex pt. 1: executive functions

The prefrontal cortex is my favorite part of the brain for two reasons. One – it’s the most fun part to say and two – in my opinion, it’s responsible for most of the cool stuff. Covering the front part of the frontal lobe, the prefrontal cortex is responsible for a long list of imperative… Read more »

7 tricks I use to sleep better.

When I was little, I hated going to sleep. It felt like such a waste of time to me. I complained to my mom that the idea of a third of my life being devoted to sleep seemed sacrilege (and I’m sure I used those EXACT words). Then I hit a time in my life… Read more »

What I’ve learned about good posture.

Our parents told it to us growing up, yet it’s one of those things that as a kid seems like such a chore… “stand up straight.” My mom used to tell me to imagine a string stuck in my head that was being pulled directly upward. It always felt weird and cocky to me, like… Read more »

what are you worried about?

Hey team, What have you been worried about lately? What’s been taking up more of your brainspace than it deserves? You know the worries I’m referring to – the ones that don’t seem to serve a purpose when you worry about them. The ones that detract from your quality of life and deplete your energy… Read more »